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Rev. Dr. Laura Aull Johnston, Pastor



Vial of Life

What is Vial of Life?  Vial of Life is a program whose purpose is to help protect you in the event of a medical emergency.  During an emergency you may not be able to communicate important information to those trying to help you.  By having a Vial of Life, you make sure that the information is there, even if you can't speak or think clearly at the time.  This program was created for seniors, but it's a good idea for everyone to participate.


How does it work?  The "vial" is actually a piece of paper, on which you write out all of your medications and their dosages, any existing medical conditions, your doctor's name, your preferred hospital, the name and phone number of an emergency contact person, and anything else that an EMT might need to know.  Put the paper in a baggie or other water-proof container and place it on your refrigerator.  The final step is to make sure to place a decal in a window near your front door (that way, anyone trying to help you during an emergency knows that you have a Vial of Life).


Is there a form?  And where can I get a decal?  For additional information, including free forms and decals, go to the Vial of Life website.  Of course you certainly don't have to use an official form or decal for your Vial of Life: just write your information on a piece of paper and you can tape a note in your window to let people know that you have a Vial of Life.



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